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From Melide two paths are possible.

The first is located in Via al Doyro and allows you to reach the nearby town of Vico Morcote. It is then possible to proceed to Morcote, Alpe Vicania or Carona. The beginning of the track coincides with the life path, it is not particularly demanding and is characterized by clearings that offer suggestive panoramas.

The second path, more challenging, starts from Via Carona and leads to the village of Carona. Continuing, it is possible to go back down towards the town of Figino or continue in the direction of Mount San Salvatore.


Monte San Giorgio

1069 meters high, Monte San Giorgio is located on the southern shore of Lake Ceresio. Since 2003, due to the important paleontological findings, San Giorgio has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The summit offers a spectacular 360 ° view and can be reached via a nature trail that starts from the Municipality of Mèride (in Mèride there is also the fossil museum).

Monte Generoso

The Monte Generoso (1701 m.s.m.) is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Ceresio and offers one of the best panoramas of Ticino. There are many entrances: from the Alpe di Mendrisio an easy path leads to the summit in about an hour and a half; from Scudellate (fraction of Muggio) the path is of intermediate difficulty; from Rovio the rise is a bit more challenging. From Capolago it is also possible to reach the summit with the funicular. Other paths start from the Italian side of Monte and, precisely, from San Fedele d’Intelvi.
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Monte San Salvatore

Mount San Salvatore (912 m.s.l.m.) stands majestically in the Lugano sky and offers an incomparable view of Lake Ceresio, the Lombard plain and the sumptuous chains of the Swiss and Savoy Alps. The roof of the church is a lookout that offers a 360 ° panoramic view.
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