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Monte San Salvatore offers not only splendid panoramic views, but also countless itineraries for hikers.

From the peak you can walk down the path that leads to Ciona (Carona) or to Pazzallo and Paradiso; walking in an intact and regenerating nature and from the different panoramic points you can enjoy a splendid view. The most experienced and courageous sportsmen, adequately equipped, have the opportunity to try their hand at climbing, along the exclusive "via ferrata".

The path that from behind the FFS Paradiso station (282 msm) leads up to Pazzallo (448 mslm), it initially runs through the wood and then, in the Morchino area, going up a staircase that joins the funicular line up to the intermediate station . The path that continues towards the top of the mountain (912 m.s.l.m.) is faced by walking in the wooded area that runs along Mount San Salvatore and then flows into the vicinity of the Museum. Walking in an intact and regenerating nature, you can enjoy a splendid view from the different panoramic points. The colorful and practical benches together with the realization of instructive and didactic synoptic tables, have completed the concept of valorisation. The seven colorful vantage points can be found through a differentiated coloration that allows to identify, with a universal language, their landscape location.

From the peak you can walk down the panoramic path that leads to Ciona, a nice walk among the plants and flowers on an initially particularly rocky terrain. Continuing on a flat path, immersed in the coolness of the woods and, after having traveled along an asphalted road, you reach Carona, known for the San Grato Botanical Park, reachable in a few minutes on foot from the town center.

If you wish to continue towards Morcote, the walk continues on a wide shaded and flat path that crosses Mount Arbòstora to reach the Alpe Vicania, from where you then descend along a stairway behind the typical lake village.

From Carona there is also the possibility of walking on a dirt road in a wooded area that can be traveled in an hour and 20 which leads to Melide, where there is the possibility of visiting the Swissminiatur. The return to Paradiso is possible with the PostBus, the boat or the train.



"You must have been up here personally, if you want to get an idea of ​​all its grandeur and magnificence, and then this will be one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of your life."
C.C. Lorenz Hirschfeld, German landscape philosopher of the 18th century

The funicular is in operation from 16.03. To 03.11.2019.