Centro optometrico training visivo

Discounts on glasses and visual training sessions


  • 25% discount on all Optiswiss single vision and progressive lenses
  • 20% discount on all optical frames
  • 10% discount on all sunglasses
  • 10% discount on each visual training session


Optician, optometrist with a master's degree in neuro visuo postural clinic and specialization in visual training for rebalancing and strengthening.

In the Visual Training Optometric Center, optometric visual analyzes are performed with postural attention and, for those who wish, a visual coordinative motor and visual cognitive performance profile is performed with the Jet Program method, of which they are partners with trainer training, very useful for children.

Kids with learning difficulties and post traumatic people. The eyes guide the body and the brain works primarily on the information it receives from the visual system. Today as never before, our eyes are subjected to prolonged stresses over time at close range, where wrong postures are often assumed. A targeted and personalized visual training is of fundamental importance to dissolve accommodative and oculomotor tensions and enhance their skills.

For more information visit the website: www.trainingvisivo.com

Rebecca Trumello
Optometric Visual Training Center
Via Giulio Pocobelli, 14
6815 Melide
+41 79 267 33 87