An enchanting scenery where to walk or play sports

The walk that connects Melide to Bissone is the result of many construction stages, the first interventions date back to the mid-seventies. The two municipalities have gradually improved the connection in the mid-eighties.

The paths that define the walk are bordered by granite borders and paved with red porphyry gravel.

In the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the construction of the Ponte Diga, information panels were laid along the route with historical notes on the construction of the bridge.

The longlake of almost 2 km is also an excellent opportunity to stay in shape.

In a south-westerly direction, the walk continues up to the Nucleo alle Cantine, where you will find Hotels and Restaurants.



Longlake of Melide
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Longlake M. Gallino
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Parco Tosi
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Piazza D. Fontana
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Path for Carona
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Vitaparcours - Path to Vico Morcote
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