Legal disclaimer

Information published 

The data published on the website of the Municipality of Melide are of a general nature. Users wishing to receive detailed, precise and official information are invited to send their questions in writing to the relevant offices.


Regulations and ordinances 

The regulations and ordinances of the Municipality of Melide are published and periodically updated on the site. The texts published, like those included in the paper collection, have no legal force. The publication of a text on the site or its exclusion is therefore irrelevant from the profile of its validity.


Municipal register allows online access to the publications displayed on the municipal register. These publications are made available to users for information purposes only. In the event of disagreement only publications exhibited in paper form to the municipal register have legal relevance.



All information published on the site is the exclusive property of the Municipality of Melide. The Municipality of Melide allows the use, reproduction and distribution for non-commercial purposes of the information contained on its site provided that the source is explicitly indicated. The use of photographic images is burdened by the payment of the rights to the authors. Intangible rights of third parties remain reserved.


Responsibility for hypertext links  

The Municipality of Melide does not assume any responsibility for the modifications and contents of the sites to which the hypertext links refer.



The Municipality of Melide does not collect or publish personal data on its website. The information that the user voluntarily sends by e-mail or online registration is used solely for the purpose for which it was transmitted and will not be disclosed to third parties, for any reason whatsoever. The warning applies that the information sent by e-mail is not secure. Users are therefore advised not to send confidential information by e-mail.