Relaxation and recreation by the lake

In Melide, thanks to the large green and public areas facing the lake, it is possible to practice fishing. The municipal chancellery deals with the release of the different categories of fishing licenses to its domiciled, to the dwellers and in general to the tourists who stay in the region.

It is possible to buy an annual license for amateur fishing (type D 1 and D2). The D1 license allows fishing in all public waters of the Canton while the D2 is limited to fishing in the lakes of Verbano and Ceresio. For the purchase of the license it is necessary to have attended the appropriate course and to pay a contribution of Fr. 50.- to a local fishing association of your choice. Children under 14 can fish for free; however, the fishing booklet filled with personal data and without the cover will be released. Applicants over the age of 14, must show that they have already obtained at least one annual license or alternatively present the certificate of attendance to the course for introduction to fishing.

A tourist license is available for tourists for 2 or 7 days (type T). The T1 license allows you to fish in all public waters of the Canton except for grayling fishing while the T2 license authorizes you to fish only from the banks of the Verbano and Ceresio lakes. Citizens resident or domiciled in another canton can apply for a license in any cantonal chancellery.



Licenses are issued:

  • from the municipal offices of residence/domicile;
  • from any municipal office for those not not resident/domiciled in the Canton.

How to obtain the license:

  • Fishing involves obtaining the license.
  • The case is reserved for children under the age of 14 with authorization from the parental authority who can fish without license.
  • They are in any case required to register the catches in the appropriate statistics booklet in accordance with Article 8.