An opportunity to visit the surroundings


In Melide it is possible to rent bicycles to move on the cycle path in the direction of Bissone, to skirt Monte Arbostora in the direction of Borgo di Morcote or to move towards Paradiso on the Forca di S. Martino (this last section is not recommended if biking with children). The station is located between the Swissminiatur and the sports field. Bike sharing stations can be used with the smartphone rental system. Before hiring, users must register on the website or on the free PubliBike app (iOS or Android versions). The application will indicate in real time the availability of the bikes and the nearest station. Thanks to the app you can open the lock and rent a bike. Furthermore, users with a SwissPass will be able to register it in their customer account and use it as a method of accessing the service.

Bikes can be left in any of the 21 stations available in the region. The map of the points is available on the website



Information on the rental procedure:

  • register on the Publibike website;
  • to rent a bike, download the app (available for iOS and Android) or use the SwissPass;
  • activate the smartphone bluetooth and with the app unlock the padlock;
  • at the end of use, close the bicycle lock.
Publibike website