Vetreria Belvetro Ticino Glass

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Vetreria BelVetro & Ticino Glass was founded in 2006. Over time, the usual glassmaking activity was accompanied by the supply of other products dedicated to the home, such as windows, walkable glass, doors, railings, separators and many other elements of furniture.

We offer a wide choice of elegant, customized and standard quality solutions, which know how to be economically advantageous and last over time, so as to help give even more value to your home.

We carefully follow each installation operation and provide free advice and estimates. In addition, we provide an accurate after-sales service to be close to you easily when needed. BelVetro & Ticino Glass SAGL deals with the installation of glass and windows, always ensuring a high level of professionalism and competence.

The production and installation of the products is carried out exclusively by internal personnel. Furthermore, from the moment of the inspection to the end of the work, the customer is in constant contact with the owner. From standard products to customized ones, the goal is to offer technically suitable solutions using durable materials that are guaranteed over time. Furthermore, Vetreria BelVetro & Ticino Glass boasts the training of young professionals, following them in their training throughout the entire period of apprenticeship.

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